Great Piece Meadows

great piece meadows
Ditch Road, Great Piece Meadows

Great Piece Meadows is located in the Township of Fairfield in Essex County, the Borough of Lincoln Park and Township of Montville in Morris County. It is within the Passaic River Watershed.

Great Piece Meadows is designated by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection as a "Natural Area," designated by the US Environmental Protection Agency as a "Priority Wetland," and classified by the NJ DEP as wetland of "Exceptional Resource Value."

Most of Wildlife's land in Great Piece Meadows was sold in 2006 to the NJ DEP under the US Army Corps of Engineers' "Passaic River Preservation of Natural Flood Storage Areas" project and the NJ DEP-New Jersey Natural Lands Trust (NJNLT) accepted management of the State land at Great Piece Meadows. Wildlife retained its land in Little Piece Meadows, mostly located along Big Piece Road in Fairfield.

NJNLT and Wildlife Preserves entered into a "Management and Use Agreement for Great Piece Meadows" and agreed to work together to co-manage the 1,300 + acre "Great Piece Meadow Preserve" for the protection of its natural, biological, and wildlife resources. Wildlife Preserves continues to manage land at the Great Piece Meadow Preserve as well as Little Piece Meadows.

Piece Meadows has a biological value as wildlife habitat for ordinary, threatened and endangered species of fauna and flora, a recreational value for the people of the state of New Jersey, an open space value within a densely populated section of the state, and an economic value for the flood storage it provides.