Points of Entry

Troy Meadows Road
Troy Meadows Road

North-end There is an access road running parallel to Route 280... To get there— Take New Road in Parsippany, Ridgedale Avenue in East Hanover or Exit 1 off of Route 280 and find the service road on the south side of Route 280. Park at the first open area on the left and hike to Zino's Grove where there are vernal pools, ponds, fields, meadows, trails, snakes, turtles, and mosquitoes in season.

Mid-Troy Meadows Take Troy Meadows Road over the West Brook Bridge (where Troy Brook and West Brook meet) to the parking area at the end of the dirt road. Old Troy Road continues through the center of the meadows over several waterways and along side of Dolen's (Pine) Island; may not be able to cross Smith Ditch unless you have waders or the water is frozen.

West sideThere is a parking area on South Beverwyck Road just north of Troy Road and Bee Meadow Parkway. This is a trail head for Patriot's Path (mowed and maintained by Morris County Parks).

South-endThere are several access points and trail heads on Troy Road, at the pipeline, at the gate at Smith Ditch, at the end of Norwood Road, the end of Evergreen, the end of Kahl Rd. and along the Whippany River, along both sides of the river, from both sides of Troy Road..

East side Most of the roads intersecting Ridgedale Avenue end at the Whippany River; Barnida Drive and Klinger Road are good points of entry if you are able to wade across the river.